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2021 has already been an amazing year for The Sea Decides. Firstly we got to have a brilliant night at Sky City Theatre in Auckland for the film's world premiere. Then we got a full-house at the Roxy Cinema in Wellington two weeks later. And now, we're super-happy to announce that The Sea Decides has been selected for two more film festivals in Europe!

The first is the EATSA Film Festival in Portugal. Put on by the Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association, the selection of The Sea Decides pits the film against an amazing array of films that all showcase the future of sustainable tourism development.

I'll always remember the first interview I did aboard Simpson's Donkey with Grant Rawlinson as he and Charlie Smith took the boat for a spin off the coast of Singapore– and Grant mentioned that he simply loved the way he could travel by human power, "crawling along the back of Mother Nature". And for some reason, that expression has always stayed with me and with the selection of the film for EATSA-FF, it makes me smile to think that his idea of sustainable travel has now been recognised on the other side of the world!

"You've got to give it to Grant– he has a vision and it's so awesome to see it recognised."

The second festival is also really close to my heart, as the grandson of a proud Dane, it's a real honour to announce that The Sea Decides will also be seen in Copenhagen, Denmark where it has been selected for the Nordic Adventure FIlm Festival (N.A.F.F.).

Showcasing films from all over the world, N.A.F.F. has been Scandinavia's big adventure film festival since 1996 and it's going to be a real personal pleasure for me that my Danish relatives now have a chance to see the film! The full programme for the festival will be released on November 1, but in the meantime, if you want to see more about the festival, you can visit the official website at the link below.

To learn more about EATSA-FF and The Sea Decides participation, visit

For more about N.A.F.F. check out the official festival website at


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